Monday, October 29, 2012

an Indian in Indonesia

From 27th October to 4th November 2012, me and 16 of my friends from Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta got an opportunity to present our works on "Pameran Tugas Akhir KPY Angkatan 2: We are All Family". I had four photos displayed on this exhibition.

Jauh, 2012

The title of my photos is "Jauh" or "Distant". The subject on my photos is Sainik, an Indian who lives in Indonesia. He lives kilometers away from his family and as a result he missed some important occasions such as weddings. His absence cause an effect; it is as if he's being 'erased' from family documentation. The purpose of my photos is then to recreate the occasions and to put back Sainik on those family documentation. I used LCD projector because it gives an illusion of beingness. During the shoot, I asked him to pretend as if he was at the wedding, with his family. I wanted him to interact, to show emotion, and I pictured a sort of sadness, a sort of distance. The result illuminated me; I realized that distant is not merely about metric system, it's not only about physical presence, it's beyond that.

I was kind of having this uncertainty, this dissatisfaction with my works. I thought I didn't achieve what I really wanted. However tonight, I got a very positive review from Don Hasman. You have no idea how simple words from a simple man (even though he's anything but simple and everybody knows it) like Don Hasman can be like the greatest encouragement that I should've trusted myself more, that I actually have a little spark of hope to continue to learn photography. You know I always lack of confidence when it comes to photography. 

Anyway, these photos are work of many and I thank them whole-heartedly;
Mentor : Doni Maulistya
Talent : Paramvir Sainik
PA & Lighting : Romulus Alfianto
DI Artist : Edi Wijayanto
Assistance also came from Suryawan Wahyu Prasetyo, Habibi Ibnu Firdauz, and Nani.
I borrowed external flash from Candra Aji and projector from KPY.
Advices from Kurniadi Widodo & Berto Gesit

I post some other photos from this project which didn't make to the exhibition.

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